Global Scholarships at Uppsala University Sweden 2022/2023

Global Scholarships at Uppsala University Sweden 2022/2023

Uppsala University Global Scholarships, formerly known as Uppsala IPK Scholarships, is one of these scholarship programs. Uppsala University in Sweden is the host institution.

Master’s Degree from Uppsala University

The deadline is February 1, 2022. (annual)

The program will begin in August 2022.


Uppsala University will give a number of scholarships to fee-paying students who apply for Master’s programs starting in the autumn of 2022.

Citizens of nations outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland are the target group.


Scholarships will pay tuition but not living expenses.

• You must be a citizen of a nation that is not part of the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

• You must have academic ability and a desire to work in an educational setting.

• You can only get an Uppsala University Global Scholarship if you are pursuing a Master’s degree at Uppsala University (the programme which you have ranked the highest of the four programmes you can choose at University Admissions).

• You must have submitted an application for a Master’s degree before the University Admissions deadline.

• You must meet the requirements for admission to the Master’s program for which you applied.

Before the deadline, University Admissions must receive your application fee and any supporting documentation.


You must first apply for one of Uppsala University’s Master’s programs in order to be eligible for one of Uppsala University’s Global scholarships.


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