Germany Scholarships at IU International University of Applied Sciences – 2022/2023

Germany Scholarships at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

Academic Scholarships at IU International University of Applied Sciences for an Online Bachelor’s, Master’s, or MBA (Germany)

IU Online aspires to make it possible for anybody to pursue their dreams. That is why we provide competitive regional scholarships, which might be based on cultural, social, educational, or work experience.


We provide a variety of scholarships that take into account your cultural, educational, and professional background.

Women in Management and Leadership

This scholarship is for female students who can exhibit leadership and managerial potential in a global corporate setting, as well as exceptional academic credentials and a track record of success in their chosen field.

Professionals in the STEM/MINT fields

Students who have demonstrated exceptional career performance in a technical discipline and who will contribute to the peer learning experience at Indiana University.

Entrepreneur in the Making

Students have an entrepreneurial drive and a track record of founding or contributing to a start-up. They’ll show off their accomplishments as well as the hurdles they’ve experienced.

Academic students who have achieved great success in previous academic programs and can demonstrate evidence of high achievement. We anticipate strong contributions to class discussions and team building from these kids.

Students who can demonstrate that they have completed an online program, whether short or extensive, are considered online learners. This demonstrates to IU that they are enthusiastic online learners who will excel in an online degree.


When you are eligible for one of the scholarships offered by IU Online, you can save up to 85% on your study fees. You will receive a German degree that is fully accredited. The degree will be identical to the one earned on campus at Indiana University. With our SMART-Entry Option, you can even complete your final semester on campus in Germany.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science (180 ECTS)

M.Sc. in Computer Science with a focus on Cyber Security (60 ECTS).

Artificial Intelligence Master’s Degree (60 or 120 ECTS)

Data Science Master’s Degree (60 or 120 ECTS)

MBA Business Administration Master’s Degree (60 or 120 ECTS)

MBA with a focus on Big Data Management (90 ECTS)

MBA in Information Technology Management (90 ECTS)

Marketing Master’s Degree (90 ECTS)

Engineering Management MBA (90 ECTS)

Finance and Accounting MBA (90 ECTS)


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